Memorial SportsCare at ALMH is a full-service athletic training program providing training services for both young athletes and active adults.

It is a local extension of the Memorial SportsCare program at Memorial Medical Center and has been providing quality sports medicine to the Logan County community since 2006.

Led by the highly experienced sports medicine medical doctors from Memorial Medical Center, SportsCare is an advanced program, developed to meet a wide range of active lifestyle needs. So whether you're a weekend warrior, occasional golfer, serious athlete in training or one who values an active and healthy lifestyle, we'll help you achieve your personal goals. No matter where you are in the race of life, Memorial SportsCare at ALMH will be by your side for the long run.

Memorial SportsCare at ALMH originally began as a school outreach program but now offers community education seminars, several injury prevention programs, athletic rehabilitation services and some diagnostic services to meet the ever-changing field of sports medicine.

ALMH Athletic Trainers visit participating schools to assess injured athletes, follow-up with students already in a rehabilitation program, and assist coaches with injury prevention and recognition.

ALMH Athletic Trainers attend practices and games at both Lincoln Community High School and Lincoln College, giving coverage to higher injury-risk sports. They are also available for pre-event taping and other preparation.

For customized performance enhancement, injury prevention, high-tech knee and shoulder treatment and more, call Memorial SportsCare at ALMH today at 217-605-5500.