Special Procedures Area

Outpatient surgery patients start and end their visit in the Special Procedures Area (SPA). Some procedures are so brief that they are in, out and on their way back home in less than two hours. But nurses don't let patients leave without them understanding discharge instructions and receiving a bowl of ALMH's famous chicken noodle soup to reheat and enjoy at home.

The SPA hosts a number of non-surgical patients each day that come in for routine procedures that require the care of a skilled, compassionate nurse, but not an overnight stay. The rooms for our patients emphasize comfort for family members, as well as private bathrooms. Computers in each room enable caregivers to conduct bedside charting.

SPA procedures require a doctor's order and a nurse who calls to schedule the appointments.

ALMH offers the following treatments, procedures and services:

  • Colonoscopy
  • Sub Q Shots for Procrit, Aranesp, Neulasta, Lovenox, Epogen, etc.
  • IVs for antibiotics, Remicade, Reclast, Solu-Medrol, Orencia
  • IVs fluids for dehydration
  • Intramuscular shots for such things as Sandostatin, rabies, vitamin B12, Vitamin K, Gentamycin
  • Enemas
  • Blood transfusions and platelets
  • Infusa ports and picc lines
  • Picc line removal
  • Dressing and catheter changes

The SPA is conveniently located next to surgery, connected with a private inner hallway, so surgery patients are not pushed through a public corridor.