Impact Concussion Management

All athletes at risk for sports-related concussions are encouraged to participate in the ImPACT Concussion Management Program at Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital. The ImPACT program is a research-based, scientifically proven method of concussion management that allows an athlete to return to competition safely and in a timely manner after they sustain a concussion.

Athletes who choose to become involved in the program will take a neurological test before a concussion occurs, and these results can then be compared to post-concussion tests to map the progress of rehabilitation. The benefits can be life-changing.

Program Specifics

Visit the ImPACT Web site at or call ALMH Rehabilitation Services at 217-605-5500 with questions or for more information.

Target Audience

Any athlete involved in a sport in which concussion risk is high.


The program is provided at no charge to those who live in the service area. Funding is provided by the Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital Foundation.