Holter Monitors

The Holter Monitor creates a continuous recording of your electrocardiogram (EKG) while worn.

What does the Holter Monitor do?

A Holter Monitor is a small device that records your heart beats for either a 24 or 48 hour period, depending on you physician's request.

You are asked to note your symptoms in an activity diary which will be reviewed in conjunction with your EKG recording. This will help your physician know if the symptoms you are feeling are related to your heart's activity.

How is Holter Monitor testing done?

You will be connected to the monitor with five electrode stickers and wires. It is very important that these electrodes remain in place during the entire recording. You will not be able to take a bath, shower or go swimming during the testing. You will be able to take a sink bath, being careful not to get the electrodes or recorder wet.

The technician will show you an activity diary and explain how and when to make notes. The technician will also explain how you will know when the test is completed, instruct you on removing the electrodes and where to return the recorder.

When will I know my Holter Monitor results?

You will need to get the results of your test from your physician's office.

After your monitor is returned, the recording is downloaded, the entire recording is scanned and a report is created. This report is then available for the cardiologist to review. If the cardiologist detects a problem, it will be noted on the report which will be made available to your physician.

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