Event Monitors

An Event Monitor is a small monitor that is used to record your heart beat at the time you are experiencing symptoms related to your heart problems. It records heart beats in the form of an electrocardiogram (EKG) just like heart monitors you may have seen in the hospital. The usual monitoring period is 30 days, but may differ depending on your physician's orders.

What does the Event Monitor do?

The Event Monitor is designed to record your EKG at the time you are experiencing symptoms. It is always on, but will only store your heart's activity when you push the record button.

When you are having possible heart-related symptoms, you must push the red button. The recorder has a memory of two minutes, so pushing this button instantly stores the last two minutes of your EKG. The recorder will continue to store new heart beats for approximately 30 more seconds. The monitor also records your EKG in two ways to give your physician better information about your heart rhythm.

How is the Event Monitor worn?

The monitor is attached to you with three electrode stickers and wires. It is worn all day, every day during the testing period.

A technician will take you into a private room and explain the operation of the monitor in detail. You will be taught to use the recorder, change your electrode stickers every other day and to call in the recording. The technician will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you have a symptom, you press the red RECORD or STORE button. The recorder will store your EKG. At your first opportunity, you must call the testing office and send the stored EKG over the phone so it can be reviewed and a copy sent to your physician.

When will I know my Event Monitor Results?

After your Event Monitor recordings are received by the testing center, results are sent directly to your physician's office. Your physician will be able to review the test and let you know your results.

If you have more questions about this test or other cardiac or vascular concerns, call 217-605-5112