ABI and Arterial Segmental Pressure Study

An ABI and Arterial Segmental Pressure study is a noninvasive test to assess your arterial circulation. This test is a simple, yet very effective way to determine the amount of blood flow in your arms or legs

What happens during the test?

  • You will be asked to remove your shoes and socks and lay on the bed.
  • The technologist will place blood pressure cuffs on you. Blood pressures will be taken from various points on your body, most likely from your arms and ankles, but possibly your fingers and toes as well.
  • The technologist will see and hear your arterial signal by using a small pencil-shaped device called a Doppler probe which makes a loud sound.
  • The Doppler machine will make a "waveform" print-out of your pulses. The vascular physician who interprets the test will compare pressures and the quality of the different waveforms.

Will this test hurt?

Some people may experience minor discomfort when the blood pressure cuffs are inflated.

How long does the test last?

The test takes approximately 30 to 90 minutes. 

How do I get the results?

A radiologist will interpret the test and a final report will be made available to your physician.

If you have more questions about this test, call 217-605-5274.