Family Maternity Suites

Giving birth is one of the most important life events you and your family will ever experience. That's why the staff of ALMH's Family Maternity Suites wants to meet your special and individual needs. At ALMH's Family Maternity Suites, you receive personalized care in a comfortable setting to provide you with a warm and pleasant experience as you welcome your baby into the world. Family Maternity Suites is part of the women's health services available at Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital.

Single Room Maternity Care

Your entire birthing experience takes place in a large, comfortable and private suite. We've designed it with you and your family in mind. There's a state-of-the art birthing bed, monitoring system, and a private bath. We concentrate on what's really important – the birth of your child. With our highly qualified and experienced physicians and nurses you and your baby will receive quality obstetrical care. Our nurses are known for their gentle touch and concern for new moms and their babies. We know that no two mothers, babies or births are alike. At ALMH Family Maternity Suites, we encourage family involvement and individuality.

During labor and delivery, you will have one of the nurses assist you in every way possible. You will always be informed of your progress and a nurse will administer any medications ordered by your doctor. Your partner or support person may remain with you throughout the labor and delivery and may help coach you through the stages of your baby’s birth.

When your baby arrives skin to skin will be performed for at least one hour after delivery allowing for bonding and transition to life outside the womb. During this time the nurse will check your baby's heart rate, temperature, and monitor other important indicators of a newborn's well-being, while not interrupting this essential bonding time between the mother and baby. After skin to skin is complete your baby will be moved to the warmer in the room for further assessment, weight, and length measurements. Bathing will be delayed for at least 24 hours allowing for the baby to complete its transition to life outside the womb. Throughout your stay with the Family Maternity Suites at ALMH we will care for you and your newborn in your own private suite together. We encourage rooming-in, allowing as much time as possible - day and night- to establish a warm and nurturing relationship.

ALMH is proud to provide state-of-the art infant security to ensure your peace of mind.

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