Ways to Give

Preserve The Mission

Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital's mission is to improve the health of the people and communities it serves. A long legacy of community volunteer and philanthropic support positioned ALMH to thrive at times when other rural hospitals closed their doors. This tradition of giving must continue to ensure quality local healthcare for future generations.

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Gifts for Today:  Ways to give today

There are many ways to support ALMH, including check, multi-year pledge and matching gifts.

Some common examples of tax-wise gifting to ALMH Foundation include:

  • Appreciated securities, such as stocks and mutual fund shares
  • A life insurance contract where you pay tax-deductible premiums and ALMH Foundation becomes the owner and beneficiary of the contract
  • Farmland and other real estate
  • Unique items of marketable value
  • Grain gifts accepted at local grain elevators in Logan County

Gifts For the Future:  Ways to give tomorrow

Planned gifts allow you to pass the gift of high-quality, accessible healthcare to your family, friends, neighbors and generations to come, without using the liquid assets you might need to support yourself or your family.

Forms of planned gifts may include:

  • A simple bequest to ALMH Foundation in your will or living trust
  • Designating ALMH Foundation as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy or retirement account
  • A charitable trust or annuity that pays you income for the rest of your life
  • A gift of real property
  • A tax-wise gift of appreciated securities

It’s easy to endow the future of ALMH when you name the Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital Foundation as the beneficiary of a planned gift.

The ALMH Legacy Society recognizes those who have made provisions for ALMH Foundation through a planned gift.

Examples of types of bequests include:

  • Specific – A set amount of your estate to ALMH Foundation
  • Percentage – A percentage of estate assets passes to ALMH Foundation
  • Residuary bequest – The remainder of your estate passes to ALMH Foundation after specific bequests are fulfilled.
  • Contingency bequest -- If your primary beneficiary(ies) is/are no longer living, then your estate would pass to ALMH Foundation.