Light Up a Life

Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital Foundation Light Up a Life Logo The holiday season is a special time when we celebrate with loved ones as well as honor the memories of those gone before. The Light Up A Life Campaign at ALMH provides a wonderful opportunity to pay tribute and honor loved ones who have, and will continue to, show us the way.

With a gift to Light Up you are impacting healthcare needs right here in our community. You generosity will help to:

  • Award scholarships to talented local students planning to return to ALMH and serve as healthcare providers;
  • Purchase high tech medical equipment for patients at ALMH;
  • Allow ALMH Community Health Collaborative to continue on their quest to make our community the healthiest in America;
  • Provide care for Memorial Home Services Hospice patients right here in Logan and Mason counties;

It is our hope that you will consider an opportunity to Light Up A Life. Not only will you shine light on a special person, but your gift will also share a light of hope with those who are in need.

The Light Up A Life campaign begins Nov. 1 every year, and donations are accepted during the month of November through early December.


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Honoring those who are still living.
Remembering those who have passed.
Showing appreciation to those healthcare professionals providing great care.
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