Average Healthcare Charges

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The procedures and tests listed below are among Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital's most common inpatient diagnoses, outpatient procedures and tests. The information is based on Inpatient and Outpatient average charges. The average charges do not include physician fees, including the surgeon, radiologist, pathologist, or other physicians involved. Fluctuations in the average charges may occur due to variables within the patient's treatment, such as lab work, surgery time, supplies, or days in the hospital.

Additional tests, services or pharmaceuticals may be ordered by your physician in order to complete your course of care. This information should not be used to determine the patient's final total bill on a given outpatient visit or hospital stay. It is to provide only an estimate.

This information does not take into account your individual health insurance. The amount that you are required to pay may vary based on your individual health insurance plan. Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital recommends that you contact your health insurance provider to verify the details of your individual plan.

For questions or information regarding financial assistance, please call the Patient Accounts Department at 217-732-2161 ext. 55649. Financial Counselors are available to assist you with payment arrangements or to determine your eligibility for charity care. For additional questions regarding healthcare charges at Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital, please contact 217-732-2161 ext. 55611.

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Common Inpatient Diagnoses

Category Common Inpatient Diagnoses Inpatient Average Charge
Bones, Joints, Muscles Total Knee Replacement $60,598
Total Hip Replacement $64,753
Childbirth/Newborn Mother's Hospital Stay - Cesarean Section w/o Complications $26,024
Mother’s Hospital Stay - Vaginal Delivery w/o Complications $7,856
Baby's Hospital Stay-Delivery w/o C Section $2,910
Baby's Hospital Stay-Delivery by C section $4,228
Digestive System Intestinal Obstruction $15,154
Diverticulitis $21,668
Female Procedures Total Abdominal Hysterectomy $22,338
Heart/Cardiovascular Congestive Heart Failure Unspecified $19,885
Atrial Fibrillation $17,265
Lung/Pulmonary Pneumonia, Organism Unspecified $22,970
Chronic Asthma $14,103
Obstructive Chronic Bronchitis $19,400
Skin/Tissue Cellulitis of Leg $16,402

Common Outpatient Diagnoses

Category Common Outpatient Diagnoses Outpatient Average Charge
Bones, Joints, Muscles Carpal Tunnel Release - Unilateral $7,937
Female Procedures D & C $11,689
Pulmonary Sleep Study $4,137
Stomach/Digestive Colonoscopy $4,822

Common Procedures and Tests

Category Common Procedures and Tests Estimated Charge CPT Code
Heart/Cardiovascular EKG (Electrocardiogram) $334 93005
Laboratory Basic Metabolic Panel $215 80048
Blood Sugar $62 82947
Blood Typing $90 86900
Complete Blood Count with Auto Differential $140 85025
Complete Metabolic Panel $279 80053
RH Factor $87 86901
Urinalysis $101 81001
Radiology Chest X-ray (1 view) $386 71010
Digital Screening Mammogram - Bilateral $453 G0202
Digital Diagnostic Mammogram-Unilateral $501 G0206
Digital Diagnostic mammogram-Bilateral $611 G0204
Dexa Scan (Bone Density) $649 77080
Emergency Room Visits Facility Charge Medical Visit Only, Level I $169 99281
Medical Visit Only, Level II $283 99282
Medical Visit Only, Level III $669 99283
Medical Visit Only, Level IV $945 99284
Medical Visit Only, Level V $1,300 99285
Emergency Room Visits Physician Charge Physician, Level I $214 99281
Physician, Level II $279 99282
Physician, Level III $507 99283
Physician, Level IV $708 99284
Physician, Level V $929 99285
Inpatient Rooms Acute Care Daily Charge $1,541  
Acute Care Swing Daily Charge $725