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3rd Annual Moving Forward 5K Results

The Abraham Lincoln Healthcare Foundation and Memorial SportsCare at Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital announced the winners of the 3rd Annual Moving Forward 5K held on Saturday, October 12, 2013. More than 130 runners and walkers of all fitness levels participated in the event at Edward Madigan State Park in Lincoln. Proceeds support local wellness programs in Logan County.

Overall male
  1. Jackson Johnson – 17:03.7
  2. Carl Cox – 20:02.5
  3. Jeff Hanger – 20:19.6
Top Finisher Male 11 & under Kyle McCuan, age 9 – 21:40.6
Top Finisher Male 60 & over Rod Lewis – 23:18.0

Overall Female
  1. Heather McCuan – 21:43.2
  2. Mattie Rogers – 22:13.4
  3. Susan Tracy – 22:34.1
Top Finisher Female 11 & under Hattie Mourning, age 8 – 28:38.6
Top Finisher Female 60 & over Joyce Hubbard –28:25.5
Top Finisher with Stroller (F) Laura Miller – 28:24.6
Top Finisher with Stroller (M) Kenny Winkler – 23:41.3

Memorial SportsCare at ALMH is a full-service athletic training program for young athletes and active adults. Services include performance enhancement, injury prevention, concussion management, training zone programs, high-tech knee and shoulder treatment and more. For more information about the Moving Forward 5K event, call the ALMH Rehabilitation Department at 217-605-5500 or visit www. ALMH.org.
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