Memorial Health System Hospitals Celebrate May the 4th With “Star Wars” Babies – Including a Luke

What are the odds two Star Wars fans expecting their second son, whom they had planned to name Luke, would be scheduled to deliver via C-section on Star Wars Day? Han Solo might advise against considering those chances – “Never tell me the odds,” the character notoriously mutters as he navigates his Millennium Falcon through an asteroid field.
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Memorial Health System Pauses Administration of Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Memorial Health System (MHS) has followed guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Accordingly, MHS has immediately suspended Johnson & Johnson vaccinations at all locations.
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ALMH to Host COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic on March 31

Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital will host a COVID-19 vaccination clinic March 31. Pre-registration is required.
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Memorial Health System Celebrates World Kidney Day

Memorial Health System celebrates World Kidney Day on March 11 by promoting education on the vital functions performed by our kidneys and raising awareness of factors that may put people at risk for kidney disease.
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Memorial Health System Celebrates National Heart Month

Memorial Health System is celebrating American Heart Month throughout the month of February by asking the people in our community to consider their own heart health and take action to lessen their risk of developing heart disease or experiencing a heart attack.
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