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Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital
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Surgery and Special Procedures Area

Shirley Jensen has been receiving treatments at ALMH's same-day care department for more than a year. She has a condition called plastic anemia, which prevents her bone marrow from producing the levels of blood her body requires.

Same-day care, now known as the Special Procedures Area (SPA), has increased capacity from nine to 11 rooms. The rooms emphasize patient comfort chairs for family members, as well as private bathrooms. Computers in each room allow caregivers to conduct bedside charting.

Shirley is particularly glad her treatments are easier to get to on the first floor of our new hospital. In the past, she has visited ALMH each Tuesday for a blood draw; if her levels are out of line, she returns the next day for a blood transfusion. The staff is wonderful, Shirley says. "They work together and take care of the patient."

Procedures conducted in SPA include transfusions, injections, IVs, PICC line maintenance and removal and dressing changes.

The SPA is conveniently located next to surgery, connected with a private inner hallway, so outpatient surgery patients are not pushed through a public corridor.

The surgery department has three operating rooms featuring state-of-the-art technology, including booms in the ceiling. The booms hold monitors and other surgical equipment and also keep many electrical cords off the floor, creating a safer work environment.

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