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Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital
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Rehabilitation Services

For the past 10 years, Pat Behm been treated by a specialist to relieve the pain associated with her arthritis. She's had warm-water therapy before, and it's helped to ease her pain. That's why she plans to use the new Elizabeth Peacock therapy pool, a 12-foot by 24-foot warm-water therapy pool in rehabilitation services.

Rehab staff use the pool to provide arthritis treatments and injury rehabilitation for patients, strengthening their muscles without pain.

"The benefits of this treatment are amazing. Being in the water helps strengthen your muscles and relieves some of the aches and pains," Pat says. "It helps your muscles and your bones. It releases stress. You get stronger and even your bounce while you're walking is improved."

In its new home, rehabilitation services has twice as much room dedicated to exercise space plus a walking track for patients. When patients arrive, they receive their initial assessment in a private room. There is also a conference room for group education as well as a larger area for making splints.

The ADL room, which stands for activities of daily living, allows patients to simulate tasks they would do in their own kitchens and to practice getting in and out of a bathtub.

The hydrotherapy room for wound care has a portable whirlpool and is staffed by a certified wound-care clinician who provides the latest therapies and treatments for wound care.

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