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Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital
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The Robert J. and Joan Jarrett Woods Center for Emergency Medicine

As caregivers for three elderly parents in recent years, Nancy Gehlbach and her husband have had their share of emergency-room visits.

"We're awfully glad the emergency room was here," Nancy says, but the Robert J. and Joan Jarrett Woods Center for Emergency Medicine in the new hospital will be a great improvement because it will provide more privacy. Twice as spacious as the former location, the new ED features 10 patient rooms. Computers on wheels provide improved medical documentation at the bedside.

Each room is equipped with a television as well as a nurse call system to improve our patients' communication with staff. The nurses' station is positioned at a strategic vantage point to our patient rooms and has a central cardiac monitoring system.

Two patient rooms are specially outfitted as trauma rooms and are located near the emergency entrance. With state-of-the-art surgical lighting and clinical booms containing oxygen, suction and monitoring equipment, these rooms give staff the ability to provide improved care to our cardiac and trauma patients.

The emergency department also has an isolation room and a private triage area across from the registration desk.

The helipad for helicopter landings is right outside the department. The helipad and the sidewalk leading up to it are heated so it will be clear of ice and snow in the winter. And, in another advantage over the former location, extra personnel or city police aren't necessary to block the streets when a landing occurs.

It was really a comfort to know that the ED was nearby, Nancy says, "and now it's going to be even better."

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