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Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital
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Patient privacy is important, and the new diagnostics area, which includes radiology, laboratory, sleep study and cardio-pulmonary, has many enhanced features to ensure privacy.

Patients in need of diagnostic tests are escorted to their rooms for appointments, and registration is done either in advance by phone or at the bedside. When possible, testing is brought to the patient in a universal testing room, limiting patients' travel between various departments and improving their safety.

Radiology's floor plan is also much more patient friendly. An outer patient corridor and an inner staff corridor help with traffic flow, and a central work area allows staff to work together in an effective and efficient manner.

Additional space in the new hospital provides CT patients with a separate prep room where they can drink oral CT contrast in privacy while watching TV or reading a magazine. In the old hospital, patients preparing for a CT sat in a waiting room alongside other patients and family members.

Another new addition is the in-house MRI suite. In the past, a mobile truck provided ALMH patients with access to MRIs. With the new MRI suite, there will be seven new patient exams available, providing our patients with access to cutting-edge technology they expect and deserve.

Nearby, the sleep study labs were designed with patient comfort in mind. Their first-floor location provides easy access, and the soothing atmosphere with its calming colors helps patients relax during their procedures.

Much of what happens is the laboratory is behind-the-scenes, but its impact on patient care is significant. Design features in the lab will enhance communication among employees and improve the work flow, allowing for more efficient and effective patient care.

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